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Jumpsmith is available for PC!

Imagine a dangerous world of strange challenges and chain reactions where you can create wacky levels, troll your friends in multiplayer, and play bongos.

Local Multiplayer Local Multiplayer
1 - 4 players. You can help and/or annoy each other. Join mid game just by plugging in a joystick!
Simple Level Editor Simple Level Editor
You can easily create levels using a controller or a keyboard. Switch between editing and playing with a single button.
Unique Mechanics Unique Mechanics
Loads of mechanics that can be combined in interesting ways.
Community Community
Enjoy user-created levels, tilesets, bosses, and characters. Share your own creations!
DRM Free DRM Free
No Digital Rights Media... when you buy the game, it's yours.
"Jumpsmith is a great indie game with a classic feel, but it isn't your creepy uncle's platformer. Creative game mechanics and local co-op play make it well worth the purchase. 10/10" -Jason Weiler
"Jumpsmith will train your brain to follow 20 moving targets at a time, an essential skill for the modern age and beyond. And bongos." -Travis York
"I like this game because the lead developer buys me sandwiches." -Seth Pillsbury